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Dear viewers, Jai Jhulelal
is a complete Arbi Sindhi Web magazine, It is the India's first magazine publishing monthly in Sindhi.
Some of its pages you can watch in Devnagari & English also.


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Kum Pushpa Tindwani

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Shri Ajitsingh Khalsa


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A Detailed portrait of a people, people that were so absent but now present worldwide.


Sindhi’s are Hero’s with a capital H.

“A Hero is any person really intent on making this world a better place for humanity” let’s all Sindhi’s Worldwide do kind deeds small-big, it does not matter as collectively it becomes a XXXL LARGE. You must do your best to erase the old stereotypes and myths perpetuated by other communities on Sindhi’s like quote---“KILL a Sindhi before a snake, Sindhi’s HAVE crab mentality—they LOVE pulling each other down, resentment and envy towards others and be-jo peti/ paro, pant layar mein husar.” 'Kitna kanjoos hai yaar tu, Sindhi mat ban' unquote.


Sindhi community worldwide is one of the most iconic races and has overcome climbing Everest-like challenges and the one question You always must ask is “What can I do “with humility and unflagging commitment. if each one of you would just pick one cause that needed help and we poured our attention and love into it, imagine what kind of transformation you can achieve. just imagine the immense difference about who you are and what you can do every single day as you expand your sphere of influences with higher responsibilities, integrity and aplomb.


There are two questions that guide me in life. The first is, “What are you contributing in this world?” if the answer is “nothing much”, then I won’t be missed at all when I die. The second question “Are you part of the problem, or are you part of the solution?” And this is something that keeps me in check whenever I face difficulties. It’s also the question I ask my teams when they come to me  with problems

and challenges. Being part of the solution means taking the actions needed to address the problem, to find a way to solve it. And if not, to just move forward in the most positive manner. I love both these questions because they serve as a great reminder of what’s most important in life. I want to live a life where I am contributing to the world instead of taking away from the world. I want my presence to be an addition, not a subtraction. I want to give and not just continuously take.


For over 70 years Sindhi’s have been stripped of their wealth, properties and valued possessions at the time of partition lost territorial battles and suffered the fate of the vanquished, but we have emerged triumphant in an unusual way. God did not allow the oppressors to rob us of our tenacity, strong will, guts, dignity, self-respect and courage. Now your time is come, you have caused major disruptions

in this modern world and are emperors of your empires, you are the VIKINGS of your day as you boldly expand into new jurisdictions enhancing the Sindhi brand in every corner of the world. Sindhi minds are the “oxygen” and “life blood” of entrepreneurship. your gumption adds fuel and fire to your rocketing ambitions, lets fly your rockets into highest orbits. Sindhi talents hits targets no one else hits and Sindhi Genius hits targets no one else sees as success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts. The only way to do great work is to love what you do with the best vision called insight always remembering great minds have purposes and weak minds have wishes. fortunes favor the brave, fortunes favor the audacious.


Sindhi’s were all born under different circumstances, have faced different failures, succeeded through triumphs, gone through hurt, pain, showed forgiveness, showed love, and yet you are still unlocking life's mysteries by testing new destinations and goals scaling new heights. The most amazing thing all Sindhi’s share in common is to be happy by putting others first, a selfless giving, by using your talents for the greater good Being passionate, honest, giving, and most importantly being A L I V E.


Sindhi’s aren’t born rich but love to make money, this is one of the best things we do. They earn money and prize money as Sindhi community represents someone to be emulated, even envied. We all have the SINDHI –WILL “the unconquerable will, never to submit or yield with good values and a strong work ethic''. Given this frame of mind, our esteemed and highly respected community Worldwide makes gold even out of dust. many of us lost it all, our forefathers lost it all, ONE thing DID not lose was the spirit of self-respect, morals, dedication, integrity and started back working hard and honestly from nothing to everything earning RESPECT and admiration of all other communities WORLDWIDE. We don’t have a region as   Sindhi identity is the spirit of entrepreneurship. It is about resilience, perseverance, and an optimism to survive anywhere in the world and the calling cards of Sindhi’s are not branded with “loss” but branded with “investments-PROFITS.” Sindhi’s have guts, have gravitas, have chutzpah which commands respect. Sindhi’s are not weak, we are strong and that is why the other communities do not pity us, they try to emulate us, be like us. you all are Classic Winners-Success is in your DNA and have a long life ahead of yourselves, take good care of it and make the best out of it and your positivity will send reverberations through the world.


Sindhi virtues are heralded: speed, wisdom, cleverness and strength (SINDHI GRIT).  Friends keep your momentum as you raise your game upping up the ante and see your self's victorious leading a winning team and Keeping everyone moving forward very well understanding that difficulties, mistakes & setbacks are and will always be an inevitable part of work and life. dream big dreams and they will manifest themselves for you. Commit to a class act and watch success follow. be the ultimate arbiter of success hitting a home run and never forget the fact you can impact your name which has a huge curiosity and wow factor as you share your unique blessings with the World building your legacies as when the history books are written your names will be up there with the World’s eminent Sindhi’s.


SINDHIS’ identity crisis is an international disgrace so let’s embrace new horizons and join hands and forces in this faith in the future. It is imperative that we act now and stop dreaming and start to work hard with a bold strategy and fierce determination to make your SINDHIYAT dream a reality fighting together towards an evolution and not a revolution. We need to stop answering to our children and grandchildren wondering where we were or what we could possibly be thinking or why we kept quiet and did nothing as this unconscionable catastrophe took hold and not continue to fail to meet expectations. I am personally committed to providing reinforcements of ten thousand soldiers and thirty thousand horses for this noble mission. welcome missionaries willing to join this noble cause and provide moral support. To be successful we must be greater than what we suffer.


I look forwards to see you continue your pursuit of excellence in your personal and professional lives as you all work hard to build a first-class excellent reputation keeping an eye with energy and focus on your RESULTS-ORIENTED-GOALS being useful, being informative, being interesting and unique to one-and-all you come in touch with. My mother says, ‘your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card and how you deal and leave an impact on this world is your trademark.’ May each of you be inscribed in the book of life and enjoy good years ahead. Reach higher in any and everything you do. Being an HINDU I count my blessings daily, being a HINDU-Sindhi-I count it twice.

Your time has come.


Wishing you and your family only the best,



American Social Entrepreneur