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Following are some Sindhi Institutes/ Santhas/ personalities etc are issuing Scholarships for Studying further or higher educations to needy students.   for details cick on it and apply ....   All of you are requested to give reference of

Scholarships for Sindhi Students:

This scheme is applicable for students All over India and is intended for all communities Sai Vilayatrai, Sai Jiwatsingh, Sai Vishindas KAMBAR DARBAR TRUST Invites Applications for SCHOLARSHIPS from Meritorious & Needy Students:
Those who have passed their latest school examination with minimum 80% Marks. *This is valid for students in 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th standard.

* Students pursuing Higher Studies like Engineering, CA, MBA,  Medicine, Or any other Professional Course.
Application form can be downloaded from website:

For any information contact:  or call  Amar Manshani 9818699980.

The Padma Keshav Charitable Trust, announces Scholarship Scheme - 2011 for meritorious but financially weak students, who have passed 12th Cass Board Exam. in 2011

For Needy & Deserving students

For Pursuing Professional courses like Engineering, Medical, Chartered Accountancy, Computers etc...

Application form can be downloaded from

for any assistance contact

Mr. Prabhu Sainani 9820287873 (Mumbai) & Mr Amar Manshani 9818699980 (Dehi)

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هري اوم تت ست
هي ڀڳوان اسان سڀني کي
ست ٻڌي ڏي،
شڪتي ڏي،  ڀڳتي ڏي،
نروڳتا ڏي، شانتي ڏي،
اسان سڀ پنهنجا پنهنجا ڪرتويه پالن ڪري
شاڪاهاري ڀوڄن ڪري سُکي رهوُن.
سوامي ليلاشاهه مهراج جي جئه

Chettichand Mahayaatra from Kubernagar Ahmedabad 2016

 2 Sindhi Songs

 1. Bedo ta Muhinje Lal jo...

            By Jagdish Mangtani

 2. Muhinjee Dil bhi toon Muhinjee Jaan bhi toon Jhulelal Sindhyun Jo Awtar

 Beautiful Sindhyat by Sindhis of Ahmedabad

 Video by : Dilip Tekchandani


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  Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls 6, Koregaon Road, PUNE - 411001 Contact: 020-26054491

   / +91 - 94235 31399
     / +91 - 94225 17388

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